Raising Your Standards!

This blog post was originally written for, and published on, The Green Room Blog. Check it out at Greenroomblog.com! Raising Your Standards:  A few months ago, I worked on a theater project that involved some very established musical theater folk. This was a wonderful project on many levels, as the material, energy in the room,… Continue reading Raising Your Standards!

Treadmill days

For most of us, there is a list of tasks that, when combined, become the bare minimum of what’s required in a week for healthy adult functioning. For instance, in addition to working at the job that takes care of you financially, you probably spend some portion of your week cookinging some food/eating healthfully, take… Continue reading Treadmill days

A Normal Day

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a dear friend about wearing 5 inch stiletto heels in Manhattan. Now, I’m usually wearing the same pair of multipurpose orthopedic walking boots wherever I go- if you know me in person, you’ve definitely seen me in them. I’ll wear them to a Broadway show, out running errands, or… Continue reading A Normal Day

Chosing to work a little bit more OR drops in the bucket

Today, I had the opportunity to substitute teach at a dance studio in Brooklyn (Thanks L!). I wasn’t sure if I wanted it. After all, I had more than enough on my plate for the day, and I could have easily just gone to the gym and gone home. But a little voice (the voice… Continue reading Chosing to work a little bit more OR drops in the bucket