Turning Dreams Into Plans

It’s an incredible thing to have dreams. I’m in favor of having lots of dreams. In fact, sometimes I daydream about having an Alpaca farm. I also just spent the last post writing about the importance of dreams, and how dreams are necessary for clarifying your goals, plans, and priorities. But here’s the million-dollar question-… Continue reading Turning Dreams Into Plans

Raising Your Standards!

This blog post was originally written for, and published on, The Green Room Blog. Check it out at Greenroomblog.com! Raising Your Standards:  A few months ago, I worked on a theater project that involved some very established musical theater folk. This was a wonderful project on many levels, as the material, energy in the room,… Continue reading Raising Your Standards!

Talk is Cheap- Take Action!

 The subtitle of this Blog post is “Look, I made a Hat!”.  I don’t throw around musical theater jokes too much in my writing, but sometimes, you have to honor yourself! For those of you who know me personally, or who know me professionally, you know that I recently developed a new piece of non-profit… Continue reading Talk is Cheap- Take Action!