Setbacks and Advancements

This has been a strange week for me, professionally- my apologies for not writing more. I was fired from my next project, for reasons that are still largely unknown.  On the flip side, I had a few wonderfully productive swing dance sessions, worked on a new piece of choreography, and launched The Choreography Lab in conjunction with The New York Theatre Barn. One very big setback, and three small to midsized advancements. I’m feeling strangely balanced by it all. 

I feel extremely fortunate that the loss of this job is counterbalanced by several other positive developments. However, it’s not mere luck that allowed me to have other projects to focus on. As an artist, I think it’s crucial that we all have at least a few irons in the fire. The ability to recover from a professional setback is, for me at least, directly correlated to my having other positive things to focus on. Were I to dwell on my setback, I would be in an overall negative position- thankfully, that’s not the case.





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  1. Perach life isnt about happy vs un happy..being posetive is a good mental key..anytime
    un happy and sad will luck your road.
    keep doing love Abba.

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