The Insane Pile of Work

How do you deal with The Insane Pile of Work?

As a Freelance Artist/Small Business Owner/Project Coordinator/Grant Writer, I actually have three or four jobs that could each easily be full time jobs. Every time I meet with the Artistic Director of the theater company that I write grants for, I’m struck by the fact that the “projects” I do for that company could easily be a whole additional job, if I had the time to devote to it. And for me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Prioritizing each of these jobs and projects is immensely challenging. I became involved with each one because of the various benefits they provide me, and there isn’t really a clear choice as to what I would eliminate in order to pare down The Insane Pile of Work. For instance, I could drop some of my fun projects, or prestige projects, but then I’d be less busy, and much less inspired. On the flip side, getting rid of the less fun, but more lucrative projects might leave me feeling emotionally fulfilled- and living in a cardboard box.

I think one just gets to a point where they have to slowly, simply, make a list of each and every item in The Insane Pile of Work (from now on referred to as TIPOW, because darn it,  that’s fun!), and just slog through it. It will suck. But uni-tasking through that list has far and away been the easiest way for me to make the TIPOW a little smaller. 

And as I’m working, I always try to maintain a positive attitude towards the TIPOW- that soon, it will translate into An Insane Pile of Accomplishments. There will always be more work to do- but I really believe that if you’re diligent, dedicated, and consistent, all that work at the ground level will translate into real and tangible success down the road. And won’t that be swell?




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