I love the look of you

So, as I mentioned in the last article, the next ten blog posts will expand on the basic life/art guidelines I outlined previously.  I’m sure as I continue writing I’ll modify these, but hey, I need to start somewhere! This is post number one of ten.

Let’s say you’re frantically trying to leave the house to mail a hard copy of a grant or artistic residency application. You throw on whatever you can find, jump on the subway, and rush to where you’re going. While you’ll get that application in on time, you might look like a crazy person while doing so. And if a friend asks you to meet up for lunch afterwards, you’ll probably have to decline.

In the same vein- let’s say you made it out to lunch with a friend, and all of the sudden, the friend starts to introduce you to another acquaintance of theirs-let’s say a music director.  You’re looking alright…not your best, but presentable enough. However, you might have been more gregarious, and altogether more impressive, if you had looked slightly more put together.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is this: in an artistic field, our lives are so fluid. Of course, people in many professions never know who they could meet. But in the arts, a person’s day can literally turn on a dime- a trip to the post office could turn into a lunch with a friend which could turn into a choice networking opportunity. I think it’s really important to recognize this, and consider this as you get yourself dressed each day. Why not take a little more time to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward?


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