Looking for better odds

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times I’ve had people ask me “oh, so you’re trying to build a career directing, choreographing, and performing in Musical Theater? What’s your backup plan?”. Not that I blame them- the odds of success in my chosen field are frightfully slim. I sometimes wish I had chosen a different career, but I know in my heart of hearts that I’ve made the right choice, as I really love what I do.

That being said, I do often wish that I had better than a one in one hundred shot of success in my dream field. So, instead of just sitting around wishing, I’ve tried to create some actionable steps to realistically increase my odds of success among the other “competitors”. I’ll be talking about each of these in further detail in the coming weeks:

1) Looking presentable as often as possible
2) Saying yes to every opportunity
3) Leveraging my time/creating passive income streams
4) Creating apprenticeships
5) Building meaningful relationships
6) Putting my money where my mouth is
7) Knowing when to use your connections
8) Scoring high in the game of life every day
9) Realistically thinking about your future as an artist
10) Always find ways to improve in your artistic craft

So much of our chance at success depends on the little choices we make day after day. We can all greatly increase our odds of success in a competitive field if we keep our heads in the game.


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