Some Month Late 2015-2016 Thoughts

Well, It seems I’m running a bit late in recapping 2015 and setting some intentions for 2016, but better late than never! Thankfully, every day of this new year I’m managing to get just a little bit more caught up with various projects I’ve started in the last two years. I’m hoping that 2016 will actually be the year of organization.

Before I start looking at goals for 2016, I want to take a moment to recap a few thoughts from the past year. 2015 was a year of wonderful accomplishments for me. Some of the things I’m particularly proud of:

Produced Five installations of “The Choreography Lab”
Choreographed “The Queen Bees” at Queens Theatre in the Park
Became a certified Xtend Barre instructor
Helped Produce a high profile gala for The Choreography Lab
Taught my first youth dance workshop in Manhattan
Substitute taught several tap classes at Peridance
Performed in “Backwards in High Heels” at Westchester Broadway Theatre’
Performed in the National Tour of “A Christmas Story” for a second season
Continued to run Impact Sales, Marketing, and Demos.

So…that’s really quite a great list! Accolades for me! Yet, while there have been lots of high points, there have also been a few things I’m disappointed in myself by. Notably:

My complete absence of writing on this blog.
Ephemera continuing to exist in a state of limbo.
Me not quite being able to manage my schedule or my promotional materials.
My disappointment in not having accomplished more.
My disappointment in myself for not having more patience.

Which leads me to my thoughts on the coming year. There are lots and lots of things I’d like to see myself do. Heck, the vast majority of them have nothing at all to do with my work as an artist, or with productivity. But for this blog’s purposes, I’d like to make 2016 the year of Personal Organization for the multifaceted artist. I am sick and tired of feeling like there is too much to do and not enough time to do it all in, and I am going to attempt to:

Schedule everything.
Time stamp my to do list.
Effectively create a press strategy for myself.
Correctly prioritize activities.
Make meaningful progress in all aspects of my professional life without feeling like major projects have to be tabled indefinitely.

Here’s to 2016- or at least the next 10 and a half months of it. And here’s to making sure that, as artists, we’re able to properly take care of our many projects’ lose ends.

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