Stops and Starts on our Journeys


I fell off the blogging wagon. And you know what? For a few weeks, it’s kind of felt like this bad sabotaged diet, that I haven’t wanted to acknowledge, ya know, like when you finally really look in the mirror and see that some weight is piling back on? Because I was so happy about my at least semi-consistent blogging, and felt like I was on my way to doing something great. And then suddenly, I lost steam.

But here’s the thing. I’m back now, and I am here to say that a little hiatus is okay. We all need a little break sometimes, from whatever we’re doing. What’s important is that- if we have the desire to- that we get back on the horse. So, umm, hi. I’m getting back on the horse now. And I encourage all of you to get back on your horsies as well. Maybe you’ve been lenient on yourself too these last few months. The summer’s been lovely, maybe you’ve spent some time at the beach, or the park, or traveling, or whatever. We’re now approaching another change of the seasons, and it’s a great time to re-assess. What are you doing right? What are you doing that could be, let’s say, “righter”? Go ahead, talk to yourself a bit today- you may be surprised at what you have to say. And you may realize that today’s a great day to press the restart button on your own journey too.

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