Progress and Multiple Projects!

I tend to try to work on WAY too many projects at once. This is definitely an issue of mine, as I want to say yes to everything, and in retrospect, probably shouldn’t! However, if you are like me, it can be nice to take a moment to acknowledge the little drops of progress being made in all the different things you’re working on. The recognition that progress is being made can be a strong motivator!

Let’s consider this scenario- you’re working towards completing five different projects right now. Habit builders and productivity gurus usually say this is a bad idea. I tend to agree, but am also working on about that many medium to large sized projects at the moment! Sometimes life throws a lot at you, or presents many great opportunities concurrently. If you’re already knee deep in all of these endeavors, it does sometimes make sense to just trudge forward on all fronts. You’re 55% of the way on one project, 80% of the way on another, and 35% or so on three more.

I invite you to just take a moment to mentally look at each project. Don’t try to table one, or prioritize another, just look at them. This is a great subway activity! Think about where each one was a day, a week, or a month ago. Are they done yet? No. Might one of them be done if you attacked them one at a time? Perhaps. But each one is further along than it once was, and in a few weeks or months time, you’re going to have achieved several major accomplishments.  By patting yourself on the back and keeping your head in the game, you can give yourself a little extra boost to move forward on multiple goals and projects. It might take extra amounts of focus, determination, and passion, but I’ll argue that it’s worth it in the end!

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